We improve your CRM work

We help you to make use of the collected customer feedback.

We are experts on 

When we have collected the data, we need to focus on 3 things.

Amplify positive parameters

For instance the reason for moving forward in the sales proces might be regarding Process, and perhaps detailed with saving time somehow. Therefore anything in the product that can amplify saving time, would be something to consider to improve the marketing mix.

Negate negative parameters

On the other hand, if a parameter is negative in the eyes of the customer, we need to perhaps take steps to remove or improve whatever detail the customers finds negative. For instance some specific product feature, that is lacking. An improvement of that would improve the overall marketing mix.

Collection of data to the amount that is possible

We analyze all done activities, and check if they are empty or not (They should all contain data). We also check how many with the texts has parameters in them. If none, there is something wrong. 

Take action

As presale and CRM experts, we help you make the necessary changes in your CRM approach. That be setting up automation, cleaning up data, hiring presale staff, setting up lead channels. All based on empirical data from your market.