About Sloif


We want to promote a culture of listening to each other, by setting a value on listening.

Why the name Sloif

Sloif is the fonetical outcome when someone from southern Jutland in Denmark, where the founder originates from, says the word loop in danish which is "sløjfe”. Sloif is thereby a loop and the name for the app we are building.

Sloif is a feedback loop.

Why do we do what we do?

The name Sloif is inspired by string theory from the world of advanced astrophysics, which contains open strings and when connecting to themselves, creates vibrating loops which ultimately creates relationships to everything else. String theory is a possible version of the theory about everything (TOE), and thus the loops in the theory represent the most important relationships in existence. For us, relationships are the most important factors in all phases of life, and also in a company, because without customer relationships, everything fails. We are committed to building strong meaningful relationships, and helping the world do the same. Building a strong relationship between two parties requires listening to each other, and acting on it. This is also true in a company. Sloif will work to strengthen YOUR most important relationships, the ones you have with your customers.

And the logo

The Sloif logo has a loop embedded in it to represent the neverending relationship building and to represent the feedback loop it self.

Where are we from

Sloif is founded in Denmark, but we consider ourselves to be part of the global family.