We deliver market data

We collect customer feedback for you and enable you to interact with it with Artificial intelligence.

We figure out what your customers feel about your marketing mix by looking at data in your CRM system.

By using natural language processing, we analyse the interactions you have with your customers in the salesproces. 

Chat with your data

You will get the ability to chat with your data and get answers to questions like; "What do I need to improve in my company?" or 

"Why do people not want to have a meeting with us?"

In Sloif it works like this

Add your customer interaction database, for instance your CRM, to Sloif, and we will analyse and categorize all customer interactions. We will deliver you actionable insights and the ability to execute on those.

We will also measure if data from the customer interactions are being registered and with what quality, to motivate a "listening to the customer" culture in your organisation.

Sloif explanation